Saturday, February 25, 2012

Girl Scout Thinking Day 2012

Today was the annual Girl Scout Thinking Day. Our Monarch Service Unit celebrated at a larger venue this year- the Blockhouse Creek Elementary cafeteria!  It was perfect for 265 girls of all ages, representing 26 countries!

My Brownies represented France and dressed in Pink and Purple felt French berets.  (Thanks to my niece for loaning me her sewing machine to stitch these artsy accessories.)  At Thinking Day, each troop represents a different country by dressing in cultural garb, displaying a trifold about the country, handing out SWAPs (Something with a Pin) and offering a small sampling of food. Our troop handed out samples Madeleine Cakes (thank you World Market!) And a cute Paper Paris City Craft!

Bonjour from the Brownies!

Our Daisy troop represented The Netherlands with Dutch girl hats.

Flag Parade

After collecting Thinking Day loot, we close with the Friendship Circle - 
always so fun with a big group!

And while I love Thinking Day, I also love looking at all the creative SWAPS that the girls pick up. 
(in the quiet of my own home)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Swim Star for a Day!

This little fish goes by alot of names (and Crazy Blonde is not one of her favorites....) but for this moment, she is a Nitro Swim Star and Graduate of the Nitro 1 program!  This week on the Nitro Facebook page you can see our cutie in the New Graduates section!  There are quite a few, so we are highlighting her HERE!!!

Nitro is an awesome swim school right down the street from our house - lucky us!  Per Mia's recount of her accomplishments - she completed the backstroke and free style across the entire length of the big pool behind her in this picture.  She also did a "flip over with paddle kicks!" 

Now on to the exciting world of traveling bobs, butterfly, breast stroke and MORE in Nitro 2!!  We are so proud of this girl!

She can't wait to show off her moves at the beach in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A girl and her horse

I've been looking at all the great pictures that we've been taking over the summer and these keep coming up as some of my favorites! 

This is not my daughter's horse, but it was over the week that she spent at Town's Mill Equestrian in Georgetown.  This is Willow and my daughter LOVES this horse!  Her first horse love, Ruse, passed away during the school year and she was not only sad, but also really worried that she wouldn't find another horse to bond with like she did with Ruse.  Thank goodness Willow was a great match and helped her feel at ease right away!  During the week at Towns Mill she spends alot of time with the horses and really learns what its like to care for them. Although she will probably never be a barrel racer, she always looks forward to this summer camp and I'm happy that she's been able to have this amazing experience with these beautiful animals!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way to go Daddy!!

I gotta take a moment and do a BIG OLE SHOUT OUT to my hubby!!  He's been workin' his patooty off for the last month with several over night code merge projects and long weekends.  He's a developer and a down right genius with the zeros and ones!

Stock Image courtesy:

It was a sacrifice for a project that he committed to, and HE delivered!  Tonight he will be attending a congratulatory work dinner in thanks of his (and the teams) efforts!   A job well done and all his hard work paid off! WAY TO GO Daddy Daniel!!

Since this past weekend was his first "weekend off"  I dragged the fam to Peter Pan's Mini Golf

An Austin Tradition since 1946
Now being an Austinite, I have been to Peter Pan many times - with my parents, popular spot for first dates, later with my now husband and now with my kids.  However, this was my kids' first visit!  Wouldn't ya know,  Mia walked away with 2 random lucky hole-in-ones, while Marissa blamed me for her bad game... All in all, we had fun! And Daddy beat Mommy by one stroke!!  Yes, he is a Winner all Around folks!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I just can't get enough...

Channeling my inner Depeche Mode, yes I am an 80's music FANatic! 

This is my theme song for the week - I just can't get enough of my kids and their well rounded little lives!

My 8 year old has a full plate of religion - preparing to receive First Communion this May, community service with Brownies, sports with Soccer and we have just added Pentathlete! 

On April 9th, Marissa will be participating in her school's Math Pentathlon Tournament!  I have to admit that this is something I never thought I would experience, but I am so proud of her for jumping into this and competing!  She comes from a long lineage of competitors, particularly on her Daddy's side, so I guess I should have expected that it would come into play. 


Since I procrastinated on getting her signed up, I had to use my negotiating parenting powers to get her into this high profile event -- what that translates into is that I will be volunteering as a Game Monitor during the tournament! Luckily they don't check SAT scores for Game Monitors! HA!

So, I'm thinking of getting myself a shirt made, comment with your vote
for your favorite design!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rodeo Round up!

Day 2 of Spring Break brought us back to the heart of Houston, Texas for the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show!  Now this ain't your Daddy's rodeo, this is the Mother of all Rodeos - animals for miles and carnival rides to bring your funnel cake or whatever your fried fantasy...right back up...  In good rodeo form, we pulled on our boots and headed out for a day of ... well, you'll see!  

Not even in the show yet, and Mia's boots are starting to hurt... Sweet Cousin Miles came to the rescue with a piggy back until we turned those boots into a new pair of comfy and stylish rainboots ... girl will do anything for a new pair of shoes!  (see horse pic below for rain boots..)

30 bucks later and we are ready for some farmin' fun - we hit the Agventure where we met lots of fun characters and saw all kinds of farm animal life - brand new babies, and chickies poppin' right out of their eggs.

My cowgirls


Rodeo Queens!

One of the most entertaining parts of  the rodeo is the muttin bustin!  If you've never seen this in real life, then get on youtube and look it up - its a hoot! 

Somehow, these rodeo folk convince parents to allow their children to be strapped to the back of a sheep - helmet, protective body gear and all.  The kids line up like a cattle drive for this experience!

Muttin Bustin in Action!

Just one of the many interactive rides at the rodeo - and if you don't end up with dirt down your pants then you just didn't do it right!
And it wouldn't be a rodeo without a petting zoo and a pony ride!  Even big kids can be convinced to take part in the petting zoo fun! 

Here is what's it's like to be eye to eye with a llama! 
See Mia with her new rainboots and riding Twinkie. 
This ride never gets old when your 5!!  She is one happy cowgirl!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day at the Zoo

We kicked off Spring Break 2011 with a quick trip to Houston to visit the Katy cousins.  The girls anxiously awaited our arrival with regular chimes of "Are we there yet?".   
Marissa with our Zoo Guides
Our stay started with an overcast day at the Houston Zoo.  Our "weather reporter - AKA: Uncle John, predicted that the clouds would clear by 10:00AM, so we proceeded with the plan even in the face of dark clouds.  But hey, its Spring Break - we can handle a few rain drops, right?  So we rolled with it!  
Mia with the other fun Zoo Guide
We started with the Sea Lion Show and found many fun photo ops along the way.  Lucky for us our group was game for a pose or two.

Before the rain came, we caught this cute baby elephant hangin' with her mama after the Daddy Elephant let out quite a roar!

Cute little poisonous frogs from the Rain Forest
And then the rain came.... and we took cover in some of the AWESOME inside exhibits.  We captured a few pics for Marissa's QUEST Teacher -- Here's Marissa doing "extra credit" research on the Rain Forest during Spring Break!  What a good student!

Our favorite - the Map Turtle
The Map Frog was one of our favorites!  It would follow your finger as you ran it across the glass.  Amazing!!

 So many cute pics, its hard to choose which to post, but this was one of my favorites!  What a fun group!  

  Just when we thought we couldn't stand another fish or frog, the sun came out and we got to see many, many of the outside animals!  As you can see, it was a successful day at the zoo!  Rain or Shine!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet & Sassy Second Grader

Earlier this month our sweet 2nd grader got her first pair of glasses.  She was so cute about it, she went to her first eye exam at a fabulous doctors office and then got to pick out her glasses - all on her own!  She tried square shaped, oval, round, pink, blue, purple and more...  She finally settled on the perfect pair of round lenses with shimmery pink frames.  They frame her cute little face just right!  So we ordered the glasses and then we waited....  Everyday she asked me how many more days until her glasses would be ready, we waited a whole weekend and then Monday we got the call!!

I was so excited to pick her up from school just to see her face when I got to tell her that the glasses were in!  So we got them and she LOVES them and even better, she can see!!  She's near sighted so she only needs them to see at a distance in the classroom or watching TV.  She looks so grown up and so beautiful!  And she loves to hear that too!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Counting Fire Hydrants

Today I ventured back into running after avoiding it for as long as possible.  It was windy and chilly but sunny, so I made myself get out there with my ipod and Garmin in tow.  I knew this first trip out would be tough, so I didn't set much of a goal for myself except to not come home until I finished 4 miles - one way or another....

So I started counting fire hydrants, run for 2, walk for 2.  We have a ton of fire hydrants in the neighborhood, so it was as good of a tracking system as any.  These are the mind games I play to get back into running.. Whenever I stop and walk I always start thinking how much better the scenery will be the next time I RUN that same route.  And then I start thinking about how I can change or extend my route to get another 1/4 mile in or so....  It's all a game, but I guess I'm back in it.

 The first time out is done and all I have to do is make myself go out again tomorrow.  The Cedar Park Trail Setter 5K is March 6th and I plan to run the entire thing, so its time to get going!  My current ipod selection could use a major overhaul too!  The girls and I are stuck on Taylor Swift lately, so Mine and Story of Us was peppy enough..  let's see..

Firework - Katy Perry
Tighten Up - The Black Keys
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
Majic - BoB
Bulletproof - LaRoux

Leave me some suggestions if you have songs you like to run to.  Tomorrow will be Lady Bird Lake or treadmill depending on the weather.  I like to manage my training and look for runs on the Active Trainer website.  You can map out routes in your neighborhood and track your shoe miles, etc.. and its all free.  Well that's my story.  Maybe if I blog about it then I'll keep with it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

3,2,1....And we're back.....

Back from a Blog Sabbatical...

Upon requests from our fans, I am bringing the Mallinger Moments blog back in full force! This week in Mallingerville, we had a SNOW DAY, yes in sunny Cedar Park, TX!! 80 degrees this past Sunday and 20 on Friday! Only in Texas! We all got to stay home from school and work! And thanks to Leander ISD, my kids will now get 6 days off from school! Lucky kiddos over here! Leander does this February break every year for teacher conference, so it is a "pre-Spring Break" break! Unfortunately employers don't factor in this break, so it will be 3 days of tag team work from ho
me for me and Daniel!

So here's how it went... Thursday night we are notified that school will start 2 hours late.

Kim changes alarm before going to bed at 1:30am....not believing that there will be enough snow to cancel school in the morning... Kim wakes up to make kids lunches at 7:30am, and in a fog is informed that SCHOOL IS CANCELED!! Kim crawls back into bed... happy Mommy!

8:30am - Friends show up at front door to play with Marissa and Mia and snow!! The snow was still fresh, the streets undriven.. Here are some pics of the fun they had! These pics were taken before I had a chance to layer my pjs and put down my coffee, so somehow our friendly visitors were not in any of the pics. boooo, Sorry M&M!

We left Mallinger Snow Angels all over our neighbor's drive ways! The snow was just too perfect not to mess up! However, the snow was too soft to make much of a snowman, but we tried anyway... after a little frustration, we moved on to snowballs, much more fun!!

oday was Saturday and we celebrated a 2 year old birthday with Baby Jacob at the bouncy place followed by another birthday with a school friend at the ice rink, with an indoor soccer game for Mia thrown in there, just to keep us on our toes!!
Snow is gone now and sun
is back... all is well in Mallingerville! The snow was fun while it lasted!

Phew.. now that was not too hard... first blog is posted. More tomorrow!